After all the drama in the month of August, all ten conferences at the FBS level will be playing football this fall.

On Friday, the Mid-American Conference (MAC) announced that it will opt back in on the 2020 college football season. It makes the decision after the B1G, Pac-12 and Mountain West also decided to reverse course and reinstate the season this fall.

The MAC was the first conference at the FBS level to postpone the season, announcing that it would consider playing again in the spring. It was the last FBS conference to opt back in.

Per the MAC’s release, the season is scheduled to begin with competition on Nov. 4 and the season will conclude on either Dec. 18 or Dec. 19 with the conference’s championship game. A six-game conference-only schedule will be released at a later date.

Six conferences at the FBS level always continued to move forward with the college football season — AAC, ACC, Big 12, C-USA, SEC and Sun Belt. This week marks the first games the SEC will play, but all other leagues have already been in action.

Their success prompted the four leagues that opted out to reverse their decision.