It’s unlikely we’ll get to see the annual tradition of the Dr. Pepper Challenge where not-so-athletic college students try to throw a football with their chest to win scholarship money.

On Sunday, it appeared that Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa wanted to give us a little taste of those funky chest passes in Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Chargers.

It appears that Tagovailoa was attempting the more conventional shovel pass. But what makes this especially weird is using two hands to do it. If you look at some of the great shovel passers like Brett Favre, he did it with one hand. But to each their own as long as the pass is complete.

In his rookie season, Tagovailoa has impressed with his play in Miami. He’s helped the Dolphins to wins in each of the past two games. In his last game against Arizona, Tagovailoa went 20-for-28 with two touchdowns.

Meanwhile, his young brother, Taulia, is turning heads as the Maryland quarterback. Before this week’s game was canceled, Taulia was on a roll as he combined to throw six touchdown passes in wins against Minnesota and Penn State.