We’ve seen all kinds of different football food, from your staples of hot dogs and beer to gourmet spreads. But, one fan recently brought a snack that’s something new.

On Friday, Maryland and NC State are locked in a heated battle in the Duke’s Mayo Bowl.

During the second quarter, a camera panned to Duke’s Mayo Bowl’s “millionth fan,” a fan by the name of Jay Arnold. Wearing a hoodie that says “I’m just here for the mayo,” Arnold showed off a commercial size jar of Duke’s mayo. With a smile, Arnold shoveled a huge spoonful of the mayo into his mouth. Even for mayo fans, it was a shocking moment.

Arnold won’t be the only person covered in Mayo on Friday. The winning head coach will have a sports drink cooler full of Duke’s mayo dumped on their head. The tradition began in 2021 when coach Shane Beamer had over 30 pounds of the condiment dumped on him.