EA Sports is developing a new college football video game for the summer of 2024 that figures to be a smashing success.

Speculation about a possible delay was put to bed on Thursday when The BrandR Group and OneTeam Partners announced they had reached a settlement in a lawsuit regarding the video game company. That agreement led to a statement from EA that read, in part, the company still plans to hit the Summer 2024 release window.

According to SBJ’s Michael Smith, the lawsuit was filed by BrandR earlier this year against EA Sports after EA contracted OneTeam Partners to facilitate group licensing for student-athletes in the upcoming video game.

BrandR, a competing agency that represents more than 50 schools, sued over the NIL deals that EA was offering to college football players, arguing that EA was violating the company’s contracts with schools and its exclusive group licensing rights for players.

A statement from EA Sports, shared by The Athletic’s Chris Vannini, stated the suit had no merit and the company was pleased to see BrandR withdraw its claims. The full statement:

“We are pleased that BrandR has decided to withdraw their claims without any payment from EA. We’ve been clear from the beginning that this suit had no merit. Our focus continues to be on directly licensing individual college athlete name and likeness rights through an opt-in program that will give college athletes the choice if they want to be in our game. We’re pleased to move on from these claims and look forward to delivering EA SPORTS College Football in Summer 2024.”

The last college football video game produced by EA Sports came out in 2013 — NCAA 14. Denard Robinson, the electrifying Michigan quarterback, was on the last cover.

Concerns over the use of student-athlete likeness led to the game’s end. When student-athletes received the ability to profit off their name, image, and likeness several years ago, EA Sports quickly announced a revival of the series.

The wait is nearly over.