There’s been a lot of hype for Nebraska football head coach Scott Frost heading into this season.

It’s been palpable, considering the fact that he was the starting quarterback for Tom Osborne’s Nebraska football team that shared a national championship in 1997. There was also his coaching job at UCF, a sting that saw him go 13-0 in 2017 with a 34-27 win over Auburn in the Peach Bowl.

Frost’s Knights considered themselves the unofficially national champions of college football, and there’s some reason to believe that he could do the same thing at Nebraska — but officially.

So yeah, Nebraska’s season-opening loss to Colorado hurt, but not everybody is giving up hope. In fact, a letter written by an eight-year-old Nebraska football fan has been making its rounds on the internet. This young fan certainly believes in Frost and the Huskers, but he didn’t hesitate to share some coaching — and scheduling — advise.

Note: The letter has been edited a bit because it was written by an eight-year-old.

“Dear Scott Frost,” the hand-written letter started. Scott, we need to add Alabama to our season because we need to test. You and Stanley Morgan Jr. needs to work on his footwork and Ziggy stardust too. The CU game was good. We tried our hardest but [if] we play4ed Akron we wouldn’t have lost that football. And if Adrian Martinez was not injured we might have won.”

“Someday I will play for you. it would be an honor to play for you. It would be really cool if you write back,” the letter concluded.

Whether or not Frost actually writes back is the question, but there were certainly some valid points in the letter. A game against Alabama would be a huge test for a program looking to build itself back into a national championship contender, and Stanley Morgan Jr. may or may not need to work a bit on his footwork.