This college football season has been an interesting one so far with a lot of surprises. The biggest being that both Clemson and Alabama were likely knocked out of the College Football Playoff which may have kicked the door in for teams like TCU and Tennessee.

ESPN’s Pete Thamel thinks this year may be the best College Football Playoff race with all the newcomers.

“I think this could be the best CFP race we’ve had since that initial year that Baylor and TCU got snubbed and Ohio State Cardale’d their way in with the blowout of Wisconsin,” explained Thamel. “I think that’s been the most controversial one we’ve had because there were a handful of different schools that could make an argument for that 4th spot.

“I’m really excited to see how this race unfolds because a lot of hot topics we’ve seen over the years are all barreling down at once.”

B1G fans also have to be excited to see their teams in the mix again this year for a spot (maybe two) in the Playoff.