Michigan or Penn State? Penn State or Michigan?

That seemed to be the focal point of Tuesday’s College Football Rankings show. With the regular season now over, there’s nothing left for the Wolverines to do, while Penn State and Wisconsin battle for a B1G Championship.

It was another interesting night, filled with plenty of debatable points. So what did they have to say about the second-to-last rankings of the season?

The analysts opened up their discussion talking about Ohio State and how the Buckeyes should be able to rest easy. Rece Davis started that conversation with his brief input after the rankings were released:

It’s hard to fathom Ohio State doesn’t  has a spot on lockdown

While Joey Galloway and Danny Kanell don’t necessarily believe the Buckeyes are a lock for one of the four spots, Kirk Herbstreit chimed in as to why, after a win over Michigan, there shouldn’t be much to worry about in Columbus.

Ohio State had already separated themselves based on the committee’s rankings by being No. 2 and now they’ve knocked off No. 3

Talking Ohio State was simple. Then came the more complex situations.

Davis geared the conversation towards the remaining three B1G teams in consideration, with most of the debate hinging on Michigan and Penn State. Again, Davis offered his two cents about Michigan:

Great team, won one game outside State of Michigan

Herbstreit and Joey Galloway then debated what would happen if Colorado – No. 8 and who lost to Michigan earlier this year – knocked off No. 4 Washington in the Pac-12 Championship. They had different opinions.


I think they’re one of the top teams. If Colorado wins…it’s very hard for me to imagine them from going to eight to four. If Washington loses, in my opinion, Michigan goes to four


If Colorado knocks off Washington, I don’t necessarily think Michigan is in their way. Michigan ended the season ends losing two out of three.

And what about Penn State?

While everyone was willing to concede that Michigan was the better team, Galloway stuck to his guns and lobbied for the Lions, just like he did last Tuesday:

I am not willing to look at this Penn State team that beat Michigan State last week and say Ohio State or Michigan is better.

Selection Committee chair Kirby Hocutt was then brought in to try and clear up some of the dispute. He was mostly asked about the differences between Ohio State, Penn State and Michigan.

On how far apart Ohio State and Penn State are at this point:

Penn State remains at the seven spot, Ohio State is at the two spot. I’m saying they’re not close in the eyes of the selection committee

When asked what would happen if the Nittany Lions claimed the B1G title this weekend:

We don’t look ahead. We’ve seen some crazy things in this college football season. It’s hard to project what would happen. Our protocol is to select the four very best in college football.

There aren’t a lot of solid answers in there, but it does appear that the Nittany Lions would need quite a bit of help – even if they did win the B1G Championship – to claim one of the spots for the College Football Playoff.

To close out the final rankings show of the regular season, Davis asked his panel one final question about the B1G Championship Game on Saturday:

Winner get in?

No. – Pollack

They should but I don’t think they will. – Kanell

I’d like to say yes, especially if it’s Penn State. – Galloway

We’ll have to wait one more week to see what the final verdict is and how much stock the selection committee places on winning a B1G title.