The first two College Football Playoff ranking shows were pretty bland.

With undefeated teams Alabama, Clemson, Michigan and Washington holding the top four spots, there really wasn’t much to get excited about. The only debate surrounded around that fourth and final spot, and really, that wasn’t worthy of much attention at the time.

But this week was different. After Michigan, Clemson and Washington lost, things finally got interesting. And there was actually some heated debate taking place amongst the ESPN college football analysts.

Most of that discussion swirled around the possibility of two B1G teams getting a playoff bid – something that seems more and more likely each week. It’s also a notion that Joey Galloway appears to think is certain:

Either Ohio State or Michigan is about to add a win over No. 2 or No. 3 to their resume. If Ohio State wins out, it looks like they’re in.

The B1G debate with Galloway’s comment is – of course – if the Buckeyes finish the year 11-1, it would be Penn State¬†that would play in the B1G championship. Ohio State would be in the College Football Playoff without winning its own conference – something the committee has said it places an emphasis on.

Galloway is also fine with Penn State getting in, if it were to run the table and win the B1G title:

Penn State sitting at No. 8, I am absolutely comfortable with Penn State getting into the playoff if it runs the table.

Kirk Herbstreit went on to break things down even further.

If Ohio State were to win out and Penn State were to play Wisconsin in the B1G title game, Herbstreit said the fourth spot would come down to three teams:

Washington, the winner in Indianapolis – if that scenario were to play out and Louisville would have a shot.

The third analyst on the panel, David Pollack, thinks that if Louisville holds serve, the Cardinals would be deserving of a bid over a two-loss B1G team.

Right now, who’s got the best chance to beat Alabama?

Pollack believes Lamar Jackson and the Cardinals are the team best suited for the fourth spot and could possibly derail Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide.

Two weeks still remain and plenty can change between now and Dec. 4 when the final rankings come out. But for now, it looks more promising for the B1G to get two teams into the College Football Playoffs.

And some of the analysts agree.