The first three spots were basically set.

For the second straight week, Alabama, Clemson and Michigan were set in slots No. 1 through No. 3. Outside of some jostling between the Wolverines and the Tigers, there really wasn’t much concern regarding those positions. Once again, the headliner was that all-important fourth spot.

Washington, Ohio State or Louisville. Those were the three teams competing for that final Playoff spot on Tuesday.  Washington got it.

Last week, the conferencehow the College Football Rankings turned out for the B1G in the second release from the committee:

3. Michigan

5. Ohio State

7. Wisconsin

10. Penn State

19. Nebraska

After the rankings were released, ESPN analysts gave their takes on the selection committee and the standings in the second release of the College Football Playoff rankings

Kirk Herbstreit talked about Nebraska’s poor performance at Ohio State this last weekend, resulting in a nine-spot drop:

For Nebraska, that was not a very good showing on the road against Ohio State. They looked good last week against Wisconsin, they at least competed.

Danny Kannel talked about how Wisconsin might be the best chance for a two-loss team to get into the College Football Playoff.

They’re two losses are as good as anyone in the country. If you’re looking for a two-loss team to get into the playoff, that would be it if they won the B1G championship.

Herbstreit also gave his take on Washington getting the fourth spot over Ohio State:

I had Washington at four last week, I have them at four again this week. Even though they have played teams that are inferior to them, they have blown them out.

Ohio State is trending in a much better direction…keep in mind, Ohio State is a team that controls its own destiny. They’re in if they take care of business. I don’t think it’s fair for the committee to have a knee-jerk reaction about how they played against Nebraska.

He also went on to talk about the outlook for the Buckeyes for the rest of the season:

One of the youngest teams in the country, did they learn from those four weeks…to really appreciate the weekly grind. If they use the Nebraska game as a springboard, they’re not only better than Washington, they’re as good as anyone in the country.

Most of the conversation revolved around Ohio State, and understandably so. The discussion for that fourth position has been highly debated for the past two weeks and after a 62-3 win over Nebraska, it was considered highly to take that final bid.

Everything else basically fell as everyone had expected. It’s another week of rankings in the books. We’ll see what happens next week and get ready for more heated debates next Tuesday.