ESPN’s Sean McDonough had a great response to Matt Barrie’s update from the New York Yankees game. McDonough was calling the Kentucky-Ole Miss game.

Aaron Judge has been chasing history lately. Judge tied Roger Maris’ single-season American League home run record and is now looking at breaking it. ESPN has been interrupting college football games with Yankees games in order to try and catch the moment.

During Saturday’s action, Barrie narrated a cut-in update of all the college football action. In the process, Barrie updated everyone about how the Yankees game is dealing with a rain delay.

McDonough responded to the news in a blunt – but accurate fashion. “Oh, what a shame,” he said in dry response.

While the home run record is news, it is not likely high on the priority list of college football fans far and wide. For now, fans get a reprieve from the interruptions with the rain delay going on.