Paul Finebaum went on ESPN’s ‘Get Up’ to talk about what he thinks about the allegations Alabama HC Nick Saban made about Texas A&M HC Jimbo Fisher’s 2022 recruiting class. Saban accused Fisher of buying all of their recruits on Wednesday.

Fisher then responded to the criticism of his No. 1 overall 2022 recruiting class by firing back at Saban, stating that “Some people think they’re God”. This is the 2nd time that Fisher has had to defend his recruiting class after Ole Miss’ Lane Kiffin also criticized him.

Here’s what Finebaum had to say on the matter:

“For Nick Saban, the greater coach of all time, to go public and accuse one of his biggest rivals of essentially cheating is really stunning,” said Finebaum. “He has insinuated this in the past. One thing you have to remember about Nick Saban is that he is always complementary to everyone else. This was way off script. That volcano erupted last night.”

Finebaum also stated that he believes that Saban is worried about how NIL deals can effect the Crimson Tide’s dominance.

“I think he’s very worried,” said Finebaum. “He lost to Jimbo Fisher last year in College Station. That was the 1st time he had ever lost to 1 of his assistants. He lost the national championship game to another assistant. Now you have a new force in recruiting.”

Alabama and Texas A&M meet on Oct. 8 in Tuscaloosa.