The Big Ten was sure to take a hit after a rough opening weekend.

ESPN agrees with that.

It came out with its first conference power rankings of the regular season, and to no one’s surprise, the SEC topped the list. That’s apparently what happens when you end Week 1 with 10 ranked teams.

The Big Ten, however, was a different story. ESPN slotted the nation’s oldest conference at fourth after a 7-5 opening weekend. Only the ACC finished behind the Big Ten among the Power Five conferences.

The Big Ten also had the slimmest margin of victory of any Power Five conference at 8.9 points per game. The Big Ten and SEC were the only two conferences that faced off with eight bowl teams from last season.

Northwestern was the only Big Ten team to win against a ranked opponent while Ohio State and Michigan State were the only conference teams ranked in the Associated Press poll after Week 1.

The Buckeyes are, however, still the unanimous No. 1 team in the country.

Here’s how the rankings shook out:

1. SEC (12-1)

2. Big 12 (8-2)

3. Pac 12 (7-5)

4. Big Ten (7-5)

5. ACC (10-3)