Mel Kiper, Jr. is well known for the coverage and analysis he provides for ESPN pertaining to the NFL Draft. For 12 months out of the year, the analyst evaluates talent and tries to develop the most accurate predictions for the upcoming draft season.

But Kiper stepped out of his comfort zone a little bit over the weekend. Rather than talk NFL Draft, he tried his hand at predicting the College Football Playoff during his Saturday morning radio show Dari and Mel.

Who did the draft guru have making the four-team playoff at the end of the season? Washington, Ohio State, Florida State and Auburn.

Those are interesting selections. Nearly everyone has Alabama coming out of the SEC and not many are picking Washington to get in over USC. Ohio State and Florida State have been pretty common picks, however.

Though Kiper doesn’t love the Buckeyes, he does believe they have the ability to run the show in the B1G again.

“I don’t love Ohio State this year but I don’t love anybody,” he said on his show. “I don’t really love any team. I don’t think there’s any dominate teams in college football. Ohio State, they still may win a lot of games just because of the schedule and what’s out there. Ohio State’s got some questions, there’s no doubt about it. But (J.T.) Barrett seems like he’s going to be primed for a huge season and he’s going to put up big numbers and maybe win a Heisman Trophy.”

Ohio State’s schedule does have some tough games this season. In addition to the rigors of the B1G East and playing Penn State and Michigan, the Buckeyes host Oklahoma in the second week of the season.