It’s always the national champion that gets remembered in history. Rarely to we give a second thought to the teams that came close but fell just short of winning it all.

Recently, ESPN’s Bill Connelly gave a special shoutout to some of those teams that came so close to winning a national title, but didn’t get the job done. Whether it was from the “bowls and polls” era, the BCS system or the current College Football Playoff, Connelly recognizes the 50 best teams that never won a national title.

Several (current) B1G programs received a mention in the Top 50.

Michigan’s 1947 team was ranked as the best team in college football history to never win a title after finishing that season with a 10-0 record. Other teams to receive a mention include Nebraska, Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan State and Maryland.

Below are the B1G teams that Connelly included in his Top 50:

No. 1: Michigan (1947)

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No. 7: Nebraska (1983)

No. 10: Penn State (1994)

No. 13: Ohio State (2019)

No. 18: Ohio State (1973)

No. 19: Michigan (1973)

No. 20: Michigan State (1966)

No. 24: Maryland (1951)

No. 25: Penn State (1968)

No. 26: Penn State (1969)

No. 34: Penn State (1973)

No. 38: Nebraska (1982)

No. 47: Michigan State (1951)

You can read Connelly’s full explanation behind each ranking, as well as see the complete Top 50, by heading to