It’s good to be at the top. Heading into the 2018 season, that’s exactly where the B1G is sitting.

Yes, almost everyone has Alabama, Clemson and Georgia in the top three spots in the preseason rankings, but five B1G teams have been consistently ranked in the top 15 this offseason, most of any conference in the sport. And according to ESPN, those five programs are among the 14 teams that can walk away with a national title at season’s end.

ESPN recently named the “only 14” teams that will win the College Football Playoff this year, keeping all five B1G teams in the mix. Here’s where those squads ranked:

  • No. 6: Ohio State
  • No. 8: Penn State
  • No. 10: Michigan State
  • No. 11: Wisconsin
  • No. 12: Michigan

While none of the teams reached the top five positions, the B1G packs the middle of this list, giving the conference even more to gloat about as the season opens this weekend.

In the top five spots were:

  • No. 1: Clemson
  • No. 2: Alabama
  • No. 3: Georgia
  • No. 4: Notre Dame
  • No. 5: Washington

All five B1G teams are in action this weekend, with Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan State and Wisconsin all being heavily favored in Week 1 matchups.

Michigan’s top 25 showdown with Notre Dame is slated as a “pick ’em” game in Vegas.