With 1 week to go in the regular season, ESPN has updated its percentage odds for who might end up in the College Football Playoff.

Georgia and Ohio State, at 97 percent and 93 percent, respectively, are all but assured passage into the top 4. As for Michigan (73 percent), it is currently in good shape, but their place is far from secure.

TCU, meanwhile, is at 54 percent, with a loss to either Iowa State or whoever it faces in the Big 12 Championship putting an end to the conference’s Top 4 hopes. Rounding out the top 7 teams are Clemson (34 percent), Alabama (15 percent), and USC (15 percent). Clemson may benefit from a slip-up by TCU if it can beat South Carolina on Saturday and UNC in the ACC Championship, while USC could find its own place in the field if things break in a certain direction.