You’ve probably heard the news by now.

Perhaps a domino effect from Texas and Oklahoma’s surprise move to the SEC just under a year ago, USC and UCLA officially moved to join the B1G on Thursday.

But according to ESPN’s Adam Rittenburg, the B1G might not be done just yet.

The Fighting Irish seem like the obvious choice here. For starters, their inability to join a conference may be the only thing in the way of truly competing for a national championship. Being an independent program, especially in an era like what college football is voyaging into now, is hardly sustainable.

For another, perhaps rendered a moot point by USC and UCLA’s location on a map, South Bend is right in the heart of B1G country. But the question remains: If Notre Dame flirts with joining as reports suggest, when and where will the B1G stop?

The idea of 2 megaconferences has been floated out on the internet ever since Oklahoma and Texas’ move. Now, it seems college football is on a collision course.