There’s a lot of talk about the start of the upcoming college football season. With the nation currently battling a public health crisis, there are some conversations about whether or not the 2020 campaign will start on time, or at all.

Some folks are staying optimistic about this season. Others are providing more grim forecasts. ESPN’s Chris Fallica, also known as “The Bear” on College GameDay is one of the individuals staying positive on the situation.

In a recent interview with 247Sports, Fallica said the plan, for now, is for College GameDay to continue as planned. He assumes that if the college football season is played, the popular pre-game show will continue to air, even if there are some modifications.

“If there is college football, there will be be a College GameDay show,” Fallica told 247Sports. “We could do it from the studio, if need be. Obviously, that wouldn’t be the most ideal situation, but if there are games that need to be covered and we are providing 2-3 hours of entertainment to people in the morning previewing games, even if it’s [from the studio].”

Before it grew in popularity, College GameDay was primarily a studio show when it launched. It wouldn’t be uncharted territory for ESPN to film those shows from Bristol, if necessary. But the allure of the show has been seeing hundreds — sometimes thousands — of fans in the background cheering and supporting their teams throughout the three-hour show.

That aspect would be lost.

Something is better than nothing, though. And Fallica is optimistic that, at the very least, College GameDay will air in 2020.