ESPN’s Playoff Predictor has updated predictions for who has the best shot at winning the College Football Playoff National Championship.

The 4 teams with the best chance to win the College Football  Playoff National Championship are listed below:

  • Georgia 36%
  • Alabama 34%
  • Oklahoma 9%
  • Ohio State 4%
  • Michigan 4%

There is a new team at the top Georgia according to the playoff predictor now has a better chance than Alabama to win the CFP National Championship Game.

Two B1G teams are tied for their chance to win the CFP National Championship. They happen to be 2 of the most bitter rivals in college football. Michigan and Ohio State.

Once again, two other teams have been snubbed from the top 5 of the ESPN playoff predictor No.4 Penn State and No.5 Iowa.

It seems humans like the Nittany Lions and Hawkeyes a little more than the computer does.

That could be because Penn State heads to Iowa City next Saturday for a colossal showdown to take on Iowa.

 The B1G has  four teams right now with a realistic shot at making the College Football Playoff at the end of the season.