The talk of the college football world on this Saturday morning once again is the College Football Playoff rankings.

This week’s most egregious ranking comes from Michigan getting ranked ahead of Michigan State by one spot after the Spartans lost to Purdue.

The GameDay crew broke down the rankings Saturday morning.

Here is what Lee Corso had to say.

“Michigan was the better team,” said Corso. “They blew a 16-point lead. Michigan is a better football team than Michigan State.”

David Pollack was not happy with the way the committee handled the Michigan Michigan State situation.

“Here’s the thing — head-to-head mattered to the committee in every situation in the Top 25 … it just didn’t matter for one team,”said Pollack. “I don’t understand it. It’s stupid. It should have mattered. If the resumes are as comparable (as Michigan and Michigan State), I wish we could just decide it on the field.”

Kirk Herbstreit believes that everything will shake out on the field.

“I’m not as worked up about it as some people,” said Herbstreit. “It’ll work itself out.”

Just 2 weeks ago, we all saw Michigan State mount a furious comeback and takedown Michigan in a thrilling 37-33 game. To some pundits, that game means nothing and that brand power matters more than the games being played on the field.