ESPN’s FPI has predicted what B1G teams have the best chances of reaching the College Football Playoff. Week 4 had conference play open for a lot of teams in the B1G.

There were some great matchups in Week 4 around the B1G. The top dogs in the B1G are still predicted to make a run for the CFP. Ohio State, Michigan, Minnesota, and Penn State have the four best odds at the moment.

Divisional races are starting to get closer and closer as each week goes on. Ohio State, Michigan, and Penn State have yet to lose a game in the B1G East. Minnesota, Iowa, and Northwestern are the top three teams in the B1G West so far.

It looks like FPI is favoring teams that have not lost a game yet. Maryland’s loss to Michigan has decreased their chances of making the playoff. Other than Minnesota, the B1G West team with the next closest odds is Northwestern.

This is the how the B1G’s chances of making the playoff are looking, according to ESPN’s FPI:

  • Ohio State – 77.5%
  • Michigan – 30.3%
  • Minnesota – 10.1%
  • Penn State – 9.6%
  • Maryland – 0.1%
  • Northwestern – 0%
  • Indiana – 0%
  • Michigan State – 0%
  • Nebraska – 0%
  • Rutgers – 0%
  • Wisconsin – 0%
  • Illinois – 0%
  • Iowa – 0%
  • Purdue – 0%