ESPN’s FPI ran 20,000 simulations of the season and some of the most absurd College Football Playoff outcomes resulted.

College football is a land of many possibilities. Until the probability his 0, then anything can happen.

Friday’s simulation per Seth Walder saw Syracuse and Ole Miss in the same playoff, two Pac-12 teams in a playoff and even Kentucky in a playoff.

However, what was the most outlandish? 3 B1G teams in the same playoff. As if it couldn’t get more wild, all 3 teams come from the B1G East: Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State.

If B1G fans are tired of seeing 2 SEC teams in the playoff, then this should surely satisfy. In this scenario, Penn State loses to Minnesota but beats Ohio State and Michigan on the way to a B1G title. Michigan only loses to Penn State but Ohio State somehow enters the playoff as a 2-loss non-conference champion with losses to two playoff teams.

Another scenario saw Ohio State as the only B1G team in the playoff with three SEC teams in a scenario. Penn State was the lone B1G team in one scenario where Oklahoma State makes the playoff.

Nothing is ever out the door, but who knows what could happen? Diehard B1G fans can still dream.