ESPN’s FPI is updating the overall ratings throughout the country after Week 2 of the college football season. While there has not been much drama at the top of the B1G, the system is shifting some of the league title odds moving forward.

According to the Football Power Index, Ohio State still has the best odds to win the B1G this fall and is given nearly a 50% chance of winning the conference. Penn State has since moved up to No. 2 in the league after a dynamic start from Drew Allar while Michigan has slid to No. 3.

Iowa and Wisconsin are the only teams in the B1G with odds above 4%, but the B1G West is not expected to stop the East’s run of titles in Indy. Here is how the FPI ranks the major contenders for the B1G title:

  • Ohio State — 47.8%
  • Penn State — 23.3%
  • Michigan — 14.5%
  • Iowa — 5.4%
  • Wisconsin — 4.8%

In terms of the betting Big Ten Championship odds, Michigan continues to lead the pack in search of its 3-peat. Ohio State is a close second while Penn State is third. Fans looking to get in on the action this fall can use our special Michigan Online Casinos promo code!

We are only entering Week 3 of the season, so any overreactions should be tempered a little bit. Still, there’s no denying the teams at the top have looked strong to begin the season and will look for improved play before the heart of the B1G schedule.