ESPN’s FPI has updated the B1G Championship odds through Week 9 of the 2023 college football season, and there has been a bit of a shakeup as teams across the conference prepare to head through the back half of the season.

After the contests of the week, Ohio State saw a slight dip, while Michigan improved by a little bit. Despite their struggle against Indiana, Penn State saw its chances increase a little bit as well. Wisconsin and Iowa are the B1G West programs still in the mix, though by a small margin per the FPI.

  • Ohio State — 52.6%
  • Michigan — 34.3%
  • Penn State — 4.8%
  • Wisconsin — 3.9%
  • Iowa — 3.4%

Here’s a look at how those compare to last week’s:

  • Ohio State — 54.7%
  • Michigan — 31.6%
  • Penn State — 5.7%
  • Wisconsin — 4.4%
  • Iowa — 3.2%

Coming out of Week 9, Michigan remains the betting favorite to win another league title in the Big Ten Championship odds and is closely followed by Ohio State. Wisconsin has recently jumped up to the third spot in those odds despite the loss to the Buckeyes.

We are getting close to the end of the season, and the games are only going to continue to get bigger throughout the next couple of weeks.

Some big games remain in the B1G over the last few weeks of the season. First, Penn State hosts Michigan on Nov. 11, while the always big Michigan and Ohio State game on Nov. 25 looms as well. Minnesota and Wisconsin also play on Nov. 25 in a game that could be for the B1G West.