ESPN’s FPI is back with more College Football Playoff projections after a wild Week 10. Across the country, the race to the CFP is starting to become clearer and clearer, and two teams are starting to separate from the rest of the pack.

Ohio State continues to be the team considered most likely to make the College Football Playoff and leads the latest FPI odds with almost a 77% chance of reaching the field. Oklahoma, who just two weeks ago was the 2nd most likely to make it, is now off the list after consecutive losses to Kansas and Oklahoma State.

Florida State is the other program with better than a 60% chance of getting into the CFP. It wasn’t the cleanest performance by the Seminoles on Saturday, but they were able to defeat Pittsburgh, 24-7.

Despite one loss, Alabama is the first SEC team to appear with just over 40% odds to make the Playoff. Undefeated and reigning national champion Georgia sits behind a pair of 1-loss teams in Alabama and Texas.

Here are the latest CFP odds from the FPI:

  • Ohio State — 76.9%
  • Florida State — 62.1%
  • Michigan — 43.6%
  • Alabama — 41.1%
  • Texas — 39.2%
  • Georgia — 38.6%
  • Oregon — 37.5%
  • Washington — 30.8%
  • Penn State — 21.1%
  • Ole Miss — 6.1%

Georgia has been the betting favorite in the national championship odds for the majority of this season, but that has started to shift. Michigan is the latest team to take the No. 1 spot on the odds with the Bulldogs right behind.

Those two teams have separated from the pack in the updated odds while Florida State and Ohio State State lurk at No. 3 and No. 4, respectively. Fans can head to BetMGM to get in on that action as we head to Week 11!