The race for the B1G West has become very interesting.

Like last year, there are plenty of teams in the running as we enter Week 10. Iowa, Wisconsin, Nebraska and Minnesota all want to take the trip to Indianapolis, but who has the best chance?

ESPN’s FPI has its answer. It gives all 4 of the above at least an 8% chance of winning the West, with Iowa at the No. 1 spot.

Here’s the FPI’s full odds:

  • Iowa: 40.9%
  • Wisconsin: 37. 2%
  • Minnesota: 11.8%
  • Nebraska: 8.9%
  • Northwestern: 1%
  • Illinois: .2%
  • Purdue: 0%

Well how about that, Northwestern! The Wildcats have slim chances, but chances nonetheless after a huge win over Maryland Saturday afternoon.

Nebraska may have the lowest chances of the top 4, but the Huskers still have to face off against Wisconsin and Iowa.

All of the top 4 have lost at least once to one of the other teams in the top 4 except Minnesota. Wisconsin fell to Iowa, Iowa fell to Minnesota and Nebraska fell to Minnesota. However, the Gophers still have to play Ohio State and finish the year against Wisconsin.

Really, it seems like the winner of the B1G West will be the one to trip up on offense the least.