Only two teams legitimately have a chance at the Big Ten title coming out of Week 6, according to ESPN’s FPI. All the other programs in the conference are just running in place.

ESPN’s recently released FPI on Sunday gives Ohio State a 100 percent chance to win their division in the Big Ten and an 87.5 percent chance to win the conference outright. This gives them a 78 percent chance at the College Football Playoff, a 44.4 percent chance at making the national championship, and a 19 percent chance to win the national championship.

Ohio State is 4-0 on the season and No. 3 in the recently released AP Top 25 Poll.

The only other program with a realistic chance of upending the Buckeyes is Northwestern, who has a 96 percent chance to win their Big Ten division according to ESPN.

The FPI has the Wildcats, 5-1 on the season and No. 18 in the AP Poll, at 12.1 percent to win the Big Ten and 1.5 percent to make the College Football Playoff.

Northwestern is at .3 percent to make the national championship game. They statistically don’t have a chance to win said game if they make it according to ESPN.

Ohio State also has the best chance to win out the remainder of the regular season at 80.3 percent.

At this point, the biggest threat to Ohio State’s conference title hopes appears to be whether or not Ryan Day’s squad can get back on the field to face Michigan State after dealing with COVID-19 over the weekend. A cancellation of the game against the Spartans would make it nearly impossible for the Buckeyes to qualify under the current threshold established by the B1G.