ESPN’s Mike Greenberg is coming to the defense of B1G teams who want to play football this fall. He doesn’t believe that teams who believe they can have a fall football season safely should be punished because the rest of the conference doesn’t want to move forward.

Not long after the B1G made its decision to cancel football this year, Nebraska’s Scott Frost and Ohio State’s Ryan Day spoke briefly about potentially trying to explore options to play football in the fall. When it was deemed not possible, both schools dropped the movement.

On Tuesday’s Get Up, Greenberg says that those two schools (as an example) should be allowed to play.

“If they want to continue to play and feel they can do so safely and the rest of the conference decides they don’t want to and don’t feel they could do so safely, then in my opinion, Nebraska and Ohio State — if they can find people to play — should be allowed to go play those people, and the rest of the B1G shouldn’t be mad at them,” Greenberg said.

“Split whatever money you make that you normally would, let the other schools opt out the way the players can and let those players and those teams play, assuming they can do so safely. I don’t really understand — if two of the teams didn’t want to play, the other 12 would.”

Greenberg makes a solid argument, especially considering those two programs expressed continued interest in playing during the fall. However, it just doesn’t seem likely that the B1G will change its mind on this front.

Below is the clip from Get Up: