Predicting the College Football Playoff is an almost impossible task. With so much on the line each and every week, it’s hard to know how the season will play itself out.

But that unpredictably doesn’t stop us from taking our best guesses at who will be competing for a national title at season’s end, and who will be on the outside looking in.

Recently, ESPN ran its “Playoff Predictor” to give the odds of each team to nab one of the four bids available at the end of the season. Five teams from the B1G were in the mix to be considered a contender for the College Football Playoff this year.

The predictor was run by ESPN Analytics and was measured using five factors: strength of record, Football Power Index (FPI), number of losses, conference championship and independent status.

It’s not shocking that Clemson (67%) and Alabama (47%) had the highest percentages to reach the College Football Playoff this year. But where did the B1G teams stack up? Here are the percentages, with Ohio State leading the way:

  • Ohio State – 37%
  • Penn State – 16%
  • Michigan State – 15%
  • Wisconsin – 11%
  • Michigan – 8%

In addition to reaching the CFP, the Buckeyes were given a 9% chance to win the national championship. Penn State and Michigan State were tabbed with a 3% chance to win it all, Wisconsin was at 2% and Michigan was given a 1% chance.

Here’s the full look at ESPN’s Playoff Predictor.