It is Week 4 of the college football season, and things are as clear as mud when it comes to predicting who will be the four teams in the College Football Playoff at the end of the year.

ESPN has a playoff predictor that each week  that gives  who has the best odds to win the National Championship Game.

The four teams right now with the best chance to win the National Championship are as follows:

  1. Alabama 31%
  2. Georgia 26%
  3. Oklahoma 15%
  4. Clemson 6%

Ohio State is just outside the top 4 at 5 with a 5% chance to win the national title.

Despite having a better resume and no losses on the schedule, No.5 Iowa and No.6 Penn State did not crack the top 5.

No.5 Iowa is 3-0 and has wins over Indiana and No. 14 Iowa State.

No.6 Penn State has wins over No. 18 Wisconsin and No.23 Auburn.

There is a lot of the season left to play, and the playoff predictor at the end of the season could look vastly different than it does now after only 3 weeks of the season.