The start of the B1G season is less than a month away, which can only mean one thing: it’s prediction time.

Over the next few weeks, several predictions are going to be made regarding the college football season. Heisman Trophy predictions, game-by-game predictions, win-loss predictions, bowl predictions, and so on and so forth. You get the picture, right?

While we’ll have plenty of predictions for you here on Saturday Tradition as B1G football creeps closer and closer, we wanted to take a look at the ESPN Football Power Index (FPI) and see how it was projecting the most anticipated week of the college football season.

Yes, with still four weeks until the season, we are going to the computers to see how ESPN’s FPI is projecting every B1G game when Week 1 arrives.

For most B1G fans, the ESPN FPI predictions are welcoming news entering the first week of the season. 11 of the 14 B1G teams are predicted to start the year 1-0, most of which have a huge win probability percentage.

Enough talk, here’s what ESPN’s FPI is predicting to happen in Week 1 of the 2018 season.

Thursday, Aug. 30

Northwestern vs. Purdue

FPI Projection: Northwestern 53.2%

New Mexico State vs. Minnesota

FPI Projection: Minnesota 92.5%

Friday, Aug. 31

Utah State vs. Michigan State

FPI Projection: Michigan State 95.5%

Western Kentucky vs. Wisconsin

FPI Projection: Wisconsin 98.7%

Saturday, Sept. 1

Oregon State vs. Ohio State

FPI Projection: Ohio State 98.8%

Kent State vs. Illinois

FPI Projection: Illinois 93.6%

Texas State vs. Rutgers

FPI Projection: Rutgers 94.1%

Texas vs. Maryland

FPI Projection: Texas 80.3%

Northern Illinois vs. Iowa

FPI Projection: Iowa 87.6%

Appalachian State vs. Penn State

FPI Projection: Penn State 97.1%

Indiana vs. Florida International

FPI Projection: Indiana 79.7%

Michigan vs. Notre Dame

FPI Projection: Notre Dame 68.3%

Akron vs. Nebraska

FPI Projection: Nebraska 92.3%