The college football season has just one game remaining on the schedule. On January 7, Clemson and Alabama will meet in the College Football Playoff championship to round out the year.

What an entertaining season it was, from opening kickoff through bowl mania.

Now that all the other bowl games have concluded, one of the fun things we enjoy doing as college football fans is breaking down how each conference fared in the postseason. This year is no different.

Unlike most years, there was no conference that was more dominant than the others. In fact, most of the leagues were pretty even, especially in the Power Five conferences. Here’s a breakdown of each league’s record.

  • C-USA: 4-2
  • SEC: 6-5
  • B1G: 5-4
  • Big XII: 4-3
  • Mountain West: 3-2
  • ACC: 5-5
  • Pac-12: 3-4
  • AAC: 2-5
  • MAC: 1-5
  • Independents: 2-1

That’s a pretty even bowl season. That means that most of the matchups were pretty even throughout the postseason, and that there really wasn’t a dominant conference this fall, despite what the SEC might try to tell you.

Just as a reminder, the winners in the B1G were Ohio State, Minnesota, Iowa, Northwestern, Wisconsin. The B1G losers this bowl season were Purdue, Michigan, Michigan State and Penn State.