It’s been a long time since there was a college football video game on the shelves. However, a recent discovery from Matt Brown of Extra Points have revealed some key details about when we could see another one.

Fans of the college football gaming series are going to have their prayers answered in July of 2023 according to Brown. EA Sports is also trying to obtain more school-specific audio to add even more realism to the games. The last version of the game ‘NCAA Football 14’ featured former Michigan QB Denard Robinson on the cover.

Details were also released by Brown about how the schools participating in the game are going to be paid. It will be divided up into 4 tiers. A school’s tier is determined by how many times they have finished in the AP Top 25 over a 10-year period including 2022. Here’s how much money each tier makes:

  • Tier 1: $104,900
  • Tier 2: $62,900
  • Tier 3: $41,900
  • Tier 4: $10,400

EA Sports is still unsure about what using name, image, and likeness will look like in the game. However, fan favorites modes such as Dynasty will still be a part of the game. Fans can also expect an Ultimate Team mode similar to make its way to the game as well.

The long wait may finally be over for fans of the game.