Kenny Pickett may soon be credited with the (fake) slide heard around the (college football) world. His incredible move that resulted in a touchdown during the ACC Championship will no longer be allowed in competition.

On Friday, it was announced that the NCAA would now make a fake slide motion to result in an immediate dead ball. The play would also not be allowed for review.

“Yeah, it was intentional,” said Picket when asked about the unusual play, per the Associated Press. “I just kind of started slowing down and pulling up and getting ready to slide and I just kind of saw their body language and they just pulled up as well. … I have never done that before. I just kind of kept going after I initially started to slide.”

Here is part of the explanation for the rule change:

“Any time a ball carrier begins, simulates, or fakes a feet-first slide, the ball should be declared dead by the on field officials at that point. The intent of the rule is player safety, and the objective is to give a ball carrier an option to end the play by sliding feet first and to avoid contact,” the ruling reads, in part. “To allow the ball carrier to fake a slide would compromise the defense that is being instructed to let up when the ball carrier slides feet first. A fake slide will not be considered reviewable under Rule 12-3-3 – Dead Ball and Loose Ball.”