Teams have ups and teams have downs.

That’s just the way any sport goes. But at Florida State, Seminoles fans expect excellence. And, rightfully so.

It’s a great program with tremendous tradition and as of late, the team has had No. 1 overall picks and national championships. Right now, however, Florida State appears to be a mess.

The Seminoles just lost to Syracuse 30-7 and is now 1-2 this season. To say that things aren’t going well would be an understatement.

So what do the fans think of what’s going on? Well, obviously, they aren’t happy.

The fans actually are so unhappy that they have started a GoFundMe to help get the school to buyout coach Willie Taggart’s contract. It’s that bad.

We’ll see how much the GoFundMe actually raises, but regardless, this is just flat out embarrassing.