If you aren’t watching The Game right now on FOX, you’re missing out. Both teams are putting on quite the show with the B1G East on the line.

It was almost like Ohio State and Michigan were trying to outdo each with the impressive plays they were making. The Buckeyes went into halftime with the lead, but fans should expect even more offensive fireworks in the second half with the way things are going.

At halftime the score was 20-17 in favor of the Buckeyes. Fans of both teams were going crazy on social media. The Buckeyes are Wolverines are going blow-for-blow on national television.

One of the better matchups to watch has been Marvin Harrison Jr. and Cornelius Johnson competing to see who can make the better scoring plays. Harrison scored the last touchdown of the half before it came to a close.

These are some of the better reactions from fans on social media: