The Fiesta Bowl is making a sizable donation to charities across the state of Arizona to help with the COVID-19 public health crisis that has affected countless individuals and families across the country.

Recently, executives of the Fiesta Bowl announced that they will be donating $1 million to charities across the state of Arizona to in state-wide emergency relief funding. The funds will be allocated to 18 different charities in the state.

The funds will be used for food services and youth programs.

“When we started thinking about how we could best help, we picked up the phones and asked charities what their most urgent needs are,” said Fiesta Bowl Board of Directors Chair Patrick Barkley. “Overwhelmingly, they said the biggest impact would be made in providing the increasing numbers they are now serving with enough food to eat and helping them manage the larger amounts of emergency programming for children and single-parent families.”

The Fiesta Bowl also released a video to make the announcement: