Paul Finebaum has made some minor adjustments to his College Football Playoff bracket from last week.

With Ohio State not playing, and Wisconsin making a statement in the reappearance on the field, the B1G finds themselves in two spots.

Alabama remained in the top spot from last week, but with the Buckeyes not seeing action and Notre Dame posting a solid win over Boston College, the Irish move to No. 2 and Ohio State slips to the three-spot.

Making the list as a “Darkhorse” is Wisconsin, after the Badgers manhandled Michigan in Ann Arbor after a two-week, COVID-19 related hiatus.

Here’s what Finebaum had to say about his picks:

Alabama: “The team that has looked better than anyone. Alabama was supposed to be at Tiger Stadium last night in Baton Rouge — the game we love to watch every year. We didn’t see that game, but the Tide are back next week and they’ll see Kentucky.”

Notre Dame: “As you mentioned Notre Dame, they’re the only one we got to see yesterday, and it was a typical hangover game after the biggest win in many many years at Notre Dame. They had some issues, but in the end they looked very good.”

Ohio State: “Ohio State is next, and sadly, we didn’t see them play Maryland. That was a game that a lot of folks were looking forward to. But Ohio State, with Justin Fields, will be back.”

Clemson: “Clemson is at No. 4, and they have an opportunity to obviously move up. They’re eyeing Notre Dame at the end of the season in the ACC Championship Game. Bottom line is that Clemson is still a tremendous team, and Trevor Lawrence is back.

Wisconsin: “We haven’t seen much of them. We saw them opening weekend of the Big Ten and saw them last night. They have looked unbelievable. They have a critical game coming up this Saturday against … Northwestern,”

We’ll have to wait and see how the next week plays out and see if any changes come up, but for now it’s tough to find much wrong with Finebaum’s picks.

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