Coming out of Week 9, the picture for the College Football Playoff is still plenty murky after Oklahoma’s upset loss.

The initial CFP rankings are still a bit down the road, but the AP Poll is an interesting first place to start when it comes to rankings. Right now, the AP top four is LSU, Alabama, Ohio State, and Clemson.

However, what makes things interesting is the number of head-to-head matchups between potential Playoff teams. Ohio State must play Penn State, Alabama and LSU face-off, and the conference championship games are no easy task.

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As the teams settle into Week 10, FiveThirtyEight updated the odds for teams to make the Playoff and win their conference. Ohio State currently headlines the odds to win the B1G at 60% with Penn State second in the conference but all the way down at 19%.

In terms of making the Playoff, the Buckeyes are given the second-highest chance to make it at 64%. Clemson leads the way at 86%. Penn State is given just a 24% chance while Alabama (53%) and LSU (44%) rounded out the top four.

Who do you have squaring off in the semifinals?