The animal rights group popularly known as PETA is calling for a ban of live-animal mascots following the situation involving Georgia’s Uga and Texas’ Bevo prior to the Sugar Bowl.

On Tuesday night, during a “mascot meeting” between the bulldog and longhorn, Bevo was able to temporarily escape his pin area, causing a commotion prior to the kickoff of the Sugar Bowl. While nobody was injured, it was a scary moment in New Orleans.

After that incident, PETA is wanting schools to stop using live-animal mascots. In a blog post, PETA writes that animals are “frequently carted around to sporting events and public appearances, which are confusing and frightening for them.”

The organization would like schools to use human mascots, which are more engaging and appropriate for the sport.

“Human mascots can engage with sports fans, pose for pictures, lead cheers, and pump up their teams and fans much better than a terrified animal can.”