Sports in 2020 are going to look a lot different. At times this season, coaches may not be able to be on the sidelines due to testing positive or contact tracing with the COVID-19 virus. But that doesn’t mean they won’t find ways to watch their teams play.

The same can be said for fans. With limited attendance at high school games this season, some fans may get creative in how they watch games on Friday night.

On Friday night, Brennan Pugh, the head coach of Vardaman High School in Mississippi was supposed to be in quarantine because of COVID-19. And while he wasn’t able to coach in the game, he was still able to watch his team on the field.


Well, he decided to rent a lift and watch from high above. Seriously. Brad Logan of WJTV 12 shared the photo:

Pugh wasn’t the only individual who got creative to watch a high school football game on Friday night.

Travel up to Louisville, Kentucky, and a Trinity High School superfan named Danny Sheridan wanted to watch his favorite team on Friday night as well. With limited attendance permitted, he had to find a way to take in the game.

He put a ladder in the back of his pickup truck, allowing him a view of the field. Rick Bozich of WDRB shared the photo:

Those two individuals are the very definition of the term “football guy.”

Now that new ideas are out there, this probably won’t be the last time we see high school coaches and fans get creative with ways to still watch games on Friday night.