Quarterback Danny Etling didn’t necessarily light the world on fire during his stint as a Big Ten football player at Purdue, but he’s flashed some signs of electricity for the New England Patriots this preseason.

The starting quarterback job is, of course, Tom Brady’s, and veteran Brian Hoyer is as solid of a backup as they come. He’s no Jimmy Garoppolo, but he’s consistent.

Etling, on the other-hand, is more of an unknown. He’s a rookie and a seventh-round draft pick. He was also somewhat of a journeyman in college. Etling started his college career at Purdue, where he started 12 games in two seasons before transferring to LSU. He found much more success for the Tigers, throwing for 4,586 yards, 27 touchdowns and just seven interceptions in two seasons, but he only flashed enough NFL potential to be taken as a late-round flyer by the Pats.

Still, potential is worth a lot at the quarterback position and Etling showed that and more in the Pats’ final preseason game.

Take a look at this read-option. The former Boilermaker flashed both smarts (to read the play) and speed on the way to a 86-yard touchdown run:

After the game, Bill Belichick was obviously pleased, per Forbes.

“He had over a hundred yards rushing, right? Yeah, OK, so 113,” Belichick said of Etling. “When’s the last time a quarterback ran for 85 yards for the New England Patriots? I mean, I’d say it’s been at least 20 years, I know that. I don’t know, maybe [Steve] Grogan, [Jim] Plunkett. Hey, that’s a long run, though.”

That’s about as solid as a compliment you can get from Belichick, and it wasn’t even a straight-up compliment.

Good for Etling. If he doesn’t make the Pats perhaps this run will propel him onto another roster.