Ray Parker is a redshirt freshman that was suspended by LSU prior to the start of the 2020 season, and he has yet to be reinstated.

Parker’s suspension was the result of a violation of team rules. However, a disturbing report has shed some light on the potential issues related to Parker’s suspension.

According to a report by Lea Skene with The Advocate, Parker has been accused of abusing a puppy. He reportedly beat the dog so badly that it broke one of the dog’s legs. The animal would eventually need an amputation.

Those details are related to an arrest warrant from September that accuses Parker of aggravated animal cruelty.

Here are some of the details from The Advocate’s story:

According to the warrant, Parker would routinely abuse his black and white pitbull puppy, breaking a leg and rib. He had sent text messages about punishing the dog for urinating on the floor, saying Kash might end up “dead or injured.” He told his girlfriend to come get “this … broke leg dog,” according to the warrant.

She ultimately collected Kash and turned him over to the LSU vet school for treatment since she couldn’t afford his vet bills, police wrote in the warrant. Officers learned that Kash’s leg had to be amputated because of multiple breaks and fractures.