A pioneer in college football is in a battle for her life.

According to a GoFundMe page titled “Help Katie Heal,” former New Mexico kicker Katie Hnida is dealing with a “rare, life-threatening reaction” to a “common, everyday antibiotic.” She was recently prescribed the medication for an unspecified medical issue.

Hnida suffered multi-organ failure, with her kidneys, liver and bone marrow all stopped functioning properly.

From the GoFundMe page:

Her blood wouldn’t clot, and she had uncontrollable bleeding. Katie was admitted to the ICU in critical condition where she was given emergency dialysis and doctors debated the need for a possible liver transplant. Fortunately, she has been stabilized and her doctors and family are optimistic that she will eventually recover from this crisis.

Hnida became the first female to score in an FBS football game at the college level, converting on two extra point attempts in 2003 with New Mexico. Before that, Hnida became the first female to play in an FBS game, making an appearance in the Las Vegas Bowl.

She was originally on the roster at Colorado but transferred under controversial circumstances.

Hnida’s jersey is on display at the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta, Georgia.