Oklahoma football has been in disarray the past few days.

First, on Saturday, the Sooners were supposed to once again defeat Texas in the Red River Shootout. That didn’t happen. The Longhorns upset the Sooners.

Texas won the game 48-45, despite Oklahoma scoring 21 points in the fourth quarter. Who took the blame? The defensive coordinator, Mike Stoops.

Stoops was then dismissed on Sunday. The game against Texas probably wasn’t the only reason Stoops is out of a job, but nonetheless, it’s certainly part of the reason.

What happened at halftime during the game between Oklahoma-Texas is somewhat of a mystery. There was reportedly an altercation that took place between Stoops and Sooners leading tackler Curtis Bolton.

Bolton, a senior, reportedly walked out of the stadium at halftime because he was yelling and teammates had to stop him. Bolton has since tweeted:

Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley on the matter: “Blown a little out of proportion.”

On Wednesday, Stoops wanted to clear his name a bit. It all looks bad for him at this point, so when Sports Animal radio host Jim Traber was talking the situation, Stoops called in:

“So, what’s the truth?” Stoops asked Traber.

“What are you talking about, Mike?” Traber said. “You’re coming after me on the air in front of thousands of people.”

“You’re attacking my character, Jim,” Stoops said. “That’s not how you do things, Jim. You know that … I’m just trying to get the truth out.”

Traber responded essentially saying that he has backed Stoops for years.

“I know you have,” Stoops said. “I’m friends with everybody on this station. But when there’s something falsely said about me, that hurts, Jim. And that hurts me, personally.”

Traber said that he understood and gave Stoops an open invitation to call the show.

“I appreciate that, Jim,” Stoops said. “But I’m just trying to set the record straight about what happened at the Cotton Bowl Saturday. There’s a lot of blame to go around, and the majority of it goes to me, and I certainly deserve that. But I’m just trying to tell you there’s not anything … Nothing close to that happened.”

What exactly led to the Sooners’ starting LB leaving the stadium at halftime? We may never know the exact details, but what is done is done. Bolton may have left, but he isn’t quitting on his team.

Stoops is out of Oklahoma.