Producing first-round NFL Draft talent isn’t a problem for some schools. Programs like Ohio State, Michigan, Wisconsin, Penn State, Iowa and the like have no trouble regularly having players selected in the first round. But other places, it’s been a struggle.

There are four programs in the B1G that have really struggled to produce first-round talent recently, though.

According to research done by Pick Six Previews, there are four B1G programs that rank in the top 10 in longest current drought without a first-round NFL Draft pick. Those four schools are Indiana, Northwestern, Minnesota and Rutgers.

Iowa State has the longest active drought of any FBS program, spanning 47 years. Indiana is second at 26, while Northwestern is third at 15 years and Minnesota right behind at 14 years. Rutgers was tied with Georgia Tech at 10 years.

Below is the complete list from Pick Six Previews:

No conference had more on this list than the B1G. The Big 12 (Iowa State, Kansas and Kansas State) had three, the Pac-12 (Virginia and Georgia Tech) had two, and the Pac-12 and SEC each had one.

We’ll see if any of these streaks end come late April.