The college football season is creeping closer. As we are officially under 100 days until the season kicks off – and just over 100 until B1G play begins – sites are beginning to release their preseason rankings.

Athlon Sports is one of the first to release an official Top 25 list for the 2017 season. And the B1G is well-represented, particularly at the very top.

Four teams from the conference were ranked in the top 25, which was released on Monday morning. Three of those teams were in the top 10. Here’s where Athlon pegged the B1G:

  • No. 2. Ohio State
  • No. 6. Penn State
  • No. 10. Michigan
  • No. 12. Wisconsin

The B1G’s four teams tied with the Big XII and the Pac-12, both conference’s having four teams ranked by Athlon Sports. The ACC had five and the SEC had six.

To take a look at the full list, you can view it here.