The Heisman Trophy is one of the most revered and respected awards in the entire sports world. But one college football analyst believes college football’s most prestigious individual honor has lost some of its luster recently.

On The No. 1 Ranked Show, FOX’s RJ Young explained why the Heisman Trophy is “kinda trash,” and “sucks” as it relates to rewarding the best players in the game. He used Trevor Lawrence as an example to support his opinion.

Young pointed to Lawrence’s incredible stat line, the fact that he never lost a regular season game and played in five games in the College Football Playoff games. He also led Clemson to three straight ACC titles.

In addition to Lawrence, Young also used examples of Deshaun Watson and Adrian Peterson. None of the three players he mentioned won the Heisman Trophy.

Until this year, the Heisman Trophy has become somewhat of a quarterback award. Alabama wide receiver DeVonta Smith ended that, though, by receiving the honor at the end of the 2020 season as college football’s top player.

It’s an incredibly difficult award to win unless you’re playing the quarterback or running back positions. And that’s part of the problem, according to Young.

Young’s stance is an interesting one. There are probably several who agree with his comments, but there will also be some harsh critics to any sort of Heisman Trophy bashing.