On Monday evening, the Big Noon Kickoff crew for FOX Sports updated their latest picks for the top four for the College Football Playoff and they’re mostly all in agreement.

The only person to not have Clemson, Notre Dame, Alabama, and Ohio State in their top four is Brady Quinn. Instead of having Ohio State in his top four, he has Texas A&M in there despite the Aggies having one loss on their record.

Everyone unanimously has Alabama at No. 1 and why not with how the Crimson Tide have played this season. They’ve won all their games by 15 or more points so far.

At No. 2, it’s almost unanimous for having the Notre Dame Fighting Irish at that spot, except for Reggie Bush who put Ohio State there.

Here are the panel’s full rankings:

There’s still likely to be some shakeup with the rankings as the season gets closer to finishing so stay tuned for their top four next week. It will especially be interesting to see if any of the analysts drop Ohio State out of the top four if the Buckeyes are unable to qualify for the B1G Championship Game.

Who are your top four teams as we get set to head into Week 7 of B1G play?