Much like a lot of media members on Thursday, FOX CFB analyst RJ Young has now given his thoughts about the USC-UCLA B1G expansion that could take place on his podcast ‘The Number One Ranked Show’. The 2 Pac-12 programs are reportedly joining the B1G in 2024.

The news broke about the potential expansion, rocking the college football world on social media and around the country. If the move happens, it’ll be interesting to see how programs around the country act in response to it. Only time will tell.

Here’s what Young’s thoughts about this issue were:

“This is seismic,” said Young. “The news here is not just that USC and UCLA could be joining the B1G, it’s also that they could be joining as soon as 2024. This is great for the B1G, who is looking at the SEC and saying that were not gonna let you run away with the top tier of college football. We will compete with you for that premier conference title. This is feeling a lot like groundhog day.”